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Welcome to our second release for the Korg Wavestate and Wavestate Native...

The Contemporary VCOS Bank! This little sample bank contains some big sounds in the form of 3 meticulously sampled custom patches from one of our favorite synths ever, the OB-6. We decided to sample each and every note over 5 full octaves. We simply didn't like what was happening to the sound quality when "stretching" the key zones to cover more than one pitch. We found the best results when using long samples with long, crossfaded loop points. All samples were recorded at 24bit/48Khz and handled with great care to avoid any loss of quality. We added generous amounts of vintage knob goodness and then varied the amount, just a tiny bit, for each of the 183 samples.

We have included a number of Performances (16) and Programs (51) as starting points for your voyage into synthesis with these multisamples. We've even included initialized programs for each multisample. The initialized programs are perfect for when you want to start synthesizing from a blank canvas. This sound bank is approximately 204 mb in size and contains 183 individual mono samples. These performances have been formatted for use with a 61 key controller.  Of course, they also work perfectly with the Wavestate keyboard, you will simply need to use the octave buttons to access the full key range. Most of the these performances and programs do not make significant use of the wave sequencing functions. They were conceived as 5 octave synth sounds for the keyboard player. Nearly all of the performances and programs include aftertouch and modwheel assignments as well as numerous performance and layer mod knob assignments for a very satisfying playing experience.

What's Included:
Sample Bank - 3 Multisamples taken from custom patches created with the OB-6.
16 Performances - Layered Synths, Arpeggios and Splits.
44 Programs - Pads, Strings, Synth Brass, Poly Synths.
7 Extra Programs - (These programs aren't used in any of the performances)
We've included a "Bundle" file that contains all of the performances and programs as well as the individual performance and program files.



This SoundCloud demo is demonstrating 5 of the 7 "Extra" programs that are included with Contemporary VCOS. These programs are not used in any of the included performances. First up is a very short demo song, 1 minute long in fact. This is followed by the isolated tracks. We used Wavestate Native exclusively for this song. 5 instances in total.

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