Robust Synths

This section is devoted to all the synths we've loved before. Anything we've owned or had the pleasure to work with over the years. The setting for the top 11 photos is our little studio where we record local artists daily and also where all the sounds for Robust American Patches are created. We've also included a list of our most used VST instruments at the bottom of the page. The instrument links will take you to that instrument's product page if currently still in production. The older instruments and gear links will take you to the Vintage Synth website where all your questions shall be answered.





The Korg Wavestate


The Behringer DeepMind 12 


The Korg Minilogue XD


The Moog Minitaur and the Roland/Studio Electronics SE-02



The Audient ASP-880 and Roland Integra 7



The OB-6


The studio's coat rack/cable hub! Yes, that's a skateboard!


The Korg Prologue 16



OB-6 in foreground with the SE-02 and Minitaur atop the mixer.



The incomparable (vintage) Moog Model D! Crooked teeth and all!


The Model D in the foreground with the Prophet Rev2 on red silk.


The Roland JD-Xi, sadly let go when we acquired the Integra 7. It was fun.


The Nord Lead 2 with extra special friend the Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-55.


Moog Sub 37 & Korg Triton Le along with the Slim Phatty & Integra 7 in the rack below. You can also see one of our vintage mics sitting on the top shelf. We've found several of these hand held beauties in old entertainment centers from the 60s and 70s. Giant family living room furniture pieces with radios, record players and reel to reel recorders all in one console. These mics have a great vintage tone and usually supply the "phone voice" sound with out much else involved. We've found these mics from RCA and Grundig several times for less than $10.


The JUNO-106! Miss this one sometimes. (Slightly overrated IMHO)


The Korg Z1 (Enough Said)


The Korg MS-2000 (Loved this synth)


The Korg M1 (My first rompler and nearly my last)


The Roland S-50 and S-10 Samplers (My first samplers)


The Casio CZ-3000 (My first real synth)


The Korg Poly-800 MKII (My second real synth)


The EMU ESI-32 (Loved the filters at the time)


Yamaha SU-700 (This box was fun and I still have all the samples)


The Yamaha DX-100 (My friend bought this but ended up giving it to me)


The Yamaha DX-21 (Tried to like it many times)


The Roland MC-500 MKII (My first real sequencer)


The Fundimensions Sound Gizmo (My very first synth ever)


The Sequential Prophet 2000 (Still one of my favorite samplers/synths)


The Roland System 100m (I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to use this amazing synth in the mid-late 90s)


The Oberheim Xpander (Enough said)


The Akai S-1000 Sampler ( I had access to 3 of these for quite a while)


The Kuzweil K-2500 (V.A.S.T. is Vast is Vast)


The Korg MS-20 (Original)