Sending a sound bank to the Wavestate (Hardware):
1. Connect the instrument to the computer via USB.
2. If you have multiple instruments connected, select one you’d like to use from the Devices menu.
3. Launch the Sample Builder application and load the "Contemporary VCOS" bank.
4. Press the green SEND BANK button to send the Bank to the instrument.

To create a new bank that contains multisamples from two or more different sound banks:
Performances, Wave Sequences, and other sound data link directly to individual Multisamples, via UUIDs. Banks are just a way of grouping those Multisamples; to the Performances, Wave Sequences, etc., the Bank itself really doesn’t matter. To use Multisamples from different Banks at the same time, you can just create a new Bank:
1. In Sample Builder, create a new Bank.
2. Drag all of the multisamples that you’d like to use into the new Bank.
3. Save the bank with a unique name. i.e. "3rd Party Sample Banks"
Multiple Banks can have links to the same Multisamples, so you can make as many of these new Banks as you like. It’s OK if the Multisamples are in different folder structures. If you move them later, you can always recover the links; see “Recovering links to files which have been moved or renamed” on page 3. To avoid this, however, you can set up a master folder for Sample Builder data, such as: Korg Sample Builder Documents folder.

Recovering links to files which have been moved or renamed:
In Sample Builder, If you load a bank whose linked multisample files are moved or renamed, or a multisample whose linked .wav files have been moved or renamed, a dialog will appear prompting you to locate the files manually. If the missing files are all in the same folder, and have not been renamed, you’ll only need to select the first file; Sample Builder will automatically look in the same folder for the rest of the missing files. Make sure to save the edited bank and/or multisample after doing this!!!