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Greetings Synthusiasts and Happy Holidays! Welcome to our Korg Prologue "Stocking Stuffer" Collection!

The "Stocking Stuffer" bank contains 40 brand new custom patches for the Prologue just in time for the Holidays. This wee collection of synthesizer presets focuses on pads, poly synths, combinations and arpeggios. Nearly every sound in this collection has extensive modwheel, velocity, midi aftertouch and pitchbend assignments. If you are playing the Prologue directly (not from a controller with aftertouch) we encourage you to experiment with adding aftertouch using the tools in your sequencer. It really adds another dimension to these patches.

Quite a few of these patches use the Sub layer of the Prologue as an effects rack of sorts. We took advantage of the Prologue's ability to assign the effects on a per layer basis to create layered sounds where one layer is used just for the effects. The effects assignment options and the layer balance knob provide quite a few creative options when used in this fashion.

Check out our clickable patch list page for a complete listing of what's included as well as brief descriptions, useful info and cued up demos. This collection of custom patches is delivered in the official Korg Prologue librarian format as well as the common sysex format for use with any sysex editor. You get the bank file as well as the individual preset files for added convenience.

10 Pad/Strings

08 Poly Synth

08 Combination

05 Lead

05 Arp

02 Key/Bell

01 Chord

01 SFX

Useful tips and tricks for the Prologue:

Effects Layer Assign: Program Edit => Button 8 => Pages 3/4 (Use the value knob to make the assignments on pages 3 and 4)

Multi Layer Pre/Post Fader: Program Edit => Button 6 => Page 5 ("Post" means it will bypass the filter. "Pre" means it will be filtered)

Velocity to Filter Envelope Amount: Program Edit => Button 5 => Page 4 (Change the value here, the range is from 0 to 127)

Adjusting the Delay or Reverb Wet/Dry Mix: While holding the shift button down, use the delay/reverb depth knob to adjust the effects mix. (Fully counterclockwise for 100% dry. Fully clockwise for 100% wet)

Velocity to Pitch: Program Edit => Button 5 => Page 4 (Change the value here, the range is from 0 to 127) Select a pitch envelope destination (All, VCO 1+2 or VCO 2) Set the envelope for a fast-ish attack and decay and a very low sustain. Use the Pitch eg intensity knob to dial in a little pitch change that is varied by the velocity.

Run Tune Routine: Press shift + exit.

Cancel Tune Routine: Press shift + exit. (Helpful if your Prologue locks up during the tuning process. Ours definitely has)