130 Patches for the Korg Prologue Synthesizer (Volumes I & II)

130 Patches for the Korg Prologue Synthesizer (Volumes I & II)

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This product contains both Volumes I and II. 130 Patches lovingly hand crafted from scratch. These custom synth patches utilize the strengths of the Prologue architecture to create stunning hybrid tones oozing with that beautiful Korg VCO character. This bank makes heavy use of the analogue oscillators and the layering functionality. Here's a breakdown, sorted by category, of the patches included in Volumes I and II:

38 Poly Synth
29 Lead
23 Pad/Strings
12 Sound FX
  9 Key/Bell
  7 Arp
  5 Bass
  4 Chord
  3 Combination


What's included? You get the Bank file that contains all 130 patches which can be loaded into the free Prologue Librarian with one click. You also get the individual patch files making it possible to audition and load sounds without loading the whole bank. Finally, you get the Patch List (pdf) file that includes patch descriptions, the voice mode used, and a bit of helpful info.


 Volumes I & II for the Korg Prologue Demonstrations