Volume I for the Hydrasynth

Volume I for the Hydrasynth

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Greetings Hydrasynth owners and thank you for taking the time to visit with us. We are offering these 82 patches for free as we simply ran out of time with the Hydrasynth due to a few issues that we experienced. We fully intend to revisit the Hydra in the future and complete this bank...Or, more likely, start a new one from scratch.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with the Hydrasynth module but we will definitely be getting the keyboard version next time around. The design of the interface and the resulting workflow had us zipping around the synth in no time at all. It's simply a pleasure to work with and the build quality is top notch!

This "incomplete" bank includes 82 patches in total. Nearly all of these patches come complete with extensive Macros, MW and Aftertouch assignments.

A note about the aftertouch assignments:

These patches make use of Mono Aftertouch (MonoAftT) or Channel Aftertouch only. 

We purchased the Hydrasynth desktop module as a temporary measure with the intention of trading up for the keyboard version when it was back in stock. (The keyboard version was out of stock everywhere at the time) We tried playing the pads and just didn't like the feel/response when trying to play chords and leads. So we ended up using our trusty Prophet Rev2 as a controller for the Module. The trade up for the keyboard version never happened. Hence, we never got around to making the poly aftertouch assignments. These patches are delivered as is. If you are a poly aftertouch addict, it's extremely easy to change the "MonoAftT" assignments in the mod matrix to PolyAftT (Polyphonic Aftertouch) assignments.

The Patch Demonstrations:

The patch demonstrations for this bank of sounds are incomplete. Only 32 of the 82 included patches are represented here. Most of these demos are excerpts from songs that we were in the middle of producing. As we are working on a bank, we like to create "1 Synth Songs" with the patches to hear how they work in a musical context. The end result here is that some of these demos were "filling a space" in a song, not showing off what the preset can actually do when you get your hands on the macros.

Thanks For Visiting With Us!