12 Free for the OB

12 Free for the OB

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12 free synthesizer patches for the Dave Smith/Tom Oberheim OB-6! These patches are delivered in both Sysex and SoundTower formats. When using the sysex format these patches will load into locations 200-211. There is no bank file associated with these sounds, just the individual patch files. There is no patch list pdf file for these sounds. The list below and the associated video will serve as your patch list. Please back up your sounds before loading these patches! The patch names in the list below will open cued up YouTube demos in a new tab. 


The Patch List:

 (Click the patch names for a quick demo or view the entire video below)


(200) Gyronormous - Unison Pad/Lead

This patch is a very slow, very massive 5 voice unison pad/lead. VCO 2 is in drone mode with the keyboard control turned off. The effects are heavy handed here, more than usual. (hehe) So feel free to reduce the mix amounts if you like. We like them loud on this patch. Aftertouch is shifting the drone (VCO 2) by nine semitones.

MW > VCO 1/2 PWM & Cutoff

AT > VCO 2


(201) Chuggs & Smooth - Unison Lead/Bass

Synth lead with a hard attack that sounds like a distorted rhythm guitar chug. Great for higher octave leads or lower octave rhythm chugs. In the upper key range this sound is done right funky.

MW > VCO 2

AT > Filter Cutoff


(202) SeeSixWithNine - Unison Chord

Dynamic synth piano chord stab (C6/9) that sounds like an acoustic piano in the highest octaves and more like an electric piano/organ in the lower octaves. G4 - C6 are especially acoustic piano like.


AT > Filter Cutoff


(203) Dyno Countfown - Unison Lead

2 voice unison brass lead sound that uses the notch filter for a softer, less bright tone. Change the filter mode to LP for a brighter, louder tone. We decided to keep the notch in play because we like notch filters way too much.

MW > VCO 2

AT > Filter Cutoff & Filter Mode


(204) OBrahms - Strings

Sweet synth string section meant for soft chord stabs. This patch works great for chords and solo lines. Both envelopes have sustain at zero so there is no lazily holding chords here. 8th or 16th note chord progressions are where it's at with this patch.

MW > VCO 1 Pitch & VCO 2 PWM

AT > Filter Cutoff


(205) The Grind - Unison Lead

This is a hard lead with a grinding quality to the tone. VCO 1 is tuned to a perfect 5th and Xmod is adding to the texture. Turn oscillator sync on for a cleaner more direct tone. Aftertouch is doing some amazing wah wah like filter action here.

MW > Filter Mode & VCO 1/2 PWM

AT > Filter Cutoff


(206) Feather Waits - Arpeggio

This patch is a light arpeggio with a soft attack. The MW is adding some additional PWM while aftertouch is producing some modulated volume swells. This sound works great for chords or lower bass parts.


AT > AMP & VCO 2


(207) Punchy Syn Piano - Keys

This patch is a bright, retro synth piano sound with a little harpsichord thrown in. Use it for bell like leads using octaves or chords and arpeggios. The MW is adding some slow swirl while aftertouch produces some beautiful filter sweeps.

MW > VCO 1/2 PWM

AT > Amp & Filter Cutoff


(208) Notched Up - Arpeggio

This is a tight synth string sound with a smooth phasing quality produced by the notch filter and phaser 2. We like this sound for lower octave bass lines. (which you only get to hear a little of at the end of the demo) Try turning the arpeggiator off for a buzzy, retro string section sound.

MW > VCO 1/2 PWM

AT > LFO Amount & Filter Mode


(209) Staunchy Lead - Lead

This is a funky, dynamic legato synth lead or bass sound with a hard bite in the attack and a smooth sustain. The MW is adding some vibrato and PWM. Aftertouch is opening the filter.

MW > VCO 1 & VCO 1 PWM

AT > Filter Cutoff


(210) Shake It - Percussion

This is a simple dynamic shaker sound. Velocity is hitting both the filter envelope and the amp envelope for a great dynamic feel. The MW changes the tone drastically using the hidden noise shape of the LFO.

MW > Filter Cutoff & Filter Mode

AT > N.A.


(211) Soft Opening - Synth Keys

This is a mellow, dynamic synth comp that works great for chords or monophonic lines. Envelope sustain is set to zero and the LFO is in sync mode. Try playing a few chords to get used to the decay time and then start adding MW and aftertouch as it decays and nearly fades out. You can extend the fade time with aftertouch and add a filter sweep with the MW. Nice.

MW > Filter Cutoff & VCO 1 PWM

AT > Amp & VCO 2


Sysex Tools: (PC) Midi-Ox or (Mac) Snoize