Filtering the mod matrix list

If you are interested in learning how to create your own sounds with the Wavestate, there is one function you will need to use quite often. The mod matrix routings can become hard to deal with as there is no practical limit to how many mod matrix routings can exist. (Some of our performances have over 100 routings) Filtering the mod matrix list is absolutely necessary when things get complex.

How to filter the mod matrix list:
1. Press the [Mod] button and while holding it down press the [Page <] button.

2. The "Show in Mod List" page is now displayed.

3. Now the Wavestate is waiting for you to...Press a Lane, Envelope, LFO, or Effect button; move a MOD KNOB; hold ENTER and move a controller or play a note on the keyboard (for Velocity); send a MIDI message; or for the Filter, Amp, or Pitch sections, move a knob for that section. Use the on-screen list for other selections, such as Key Track or Mod Processors. (moving a knob in this popup will not edit the knob’s parameter)

4. Press the [Enter] button to confirm. This will close the page and return you to the mods list page where you will see only the routings associated with the section you selected in step 3. To navigate the resulting list press and hold [Enter] plus [Page <] or [Page >] to move up or down the list. No matter where you are in the mods list, simply press and hold [Shift] and press [Page <] 4 times. This will take you to the Mod Processor 1 page quickly.

To clear the mod list filter and show all mod routings repeat step 1 above and then press the [Mod] button again. The list will now show all mod routings.


Setting the layers to different midi channels

You might not realize it but the Wavestate is a multitimbral machine. Simply change the midi channel for each layer and you're all set to take your midi arrangement anywhere you want to go. This is especially useful when working in a DAW. Some of our patches have layered drums and bass sequences. This is great for coming up with ideas on the fly but when you want/need to take the arrangement a bit further it's time for some multitimbral fun.

How to set the layers to different midi channels:

1. Press the [Perform] button twice to load the home page.

2. Press the [Shift] button and while holding it down press the [Page <] button twice.

3. Navigate to the "Use Global Midi Channel:" parameter using the page buttons. Turn it off. A new line of text appears on the Wavestate screen. "MIDI Channel:_"

4. Navigate to the midi channel parameter using the page buttons and set the midi channel to the required setting. Now, without leaving the page, simply press a different layer's button and repeat this procedure for all the layers. Set each layer to a unique midi channel.

5. Now you simply create 4 midi tracks in your DAW that all use the same midi output, but different midi channels. (The channels you set up in the Wavestate)

That's it. If you want these changes to be recalled when you load the performance in the future, be sure to save the performance.