Welcome to our complete patch list for Volume I for the Wavestate. Simply click on the performance names below to open a cued up demo in a new window. We hope you enjoy these sounds as much as we have throughout this entire process.

Nearly half of the demonstrations for these performances were created earlier in the process. They do not demonstrate the dizzying amount of possibilities that have been added to the performances since then. They do, however,  demonstrate the basic tones of the performances and how they sound when initially loaded. 




4 Programs (Mono/Legato) - Lead
4 layers in single mutlisample mode. This legato performance uses all 4 layers to create a very dynamic chord stab. The pitch performance knob changes the pitch of layer D which produces 2 new chords. Aftertouch is opening the filters a bit.
3 Programs (Mono/Arpeggio) - Synth Bass Arpeggio
Bassick Arp is a thick arpeggio that's great for single note & octave basslines. The performance knobs offer extensive control over the filters and envelope times as well as the fx and master eq.
3 Programs (Layered) - Poly Synth
This performance is a dynamic polyphonic synth with all 3 layers using the multifilter. Comprehensive control via the performance knobs makes this sound work in nearly any context.
4 Programs (Layered & Split) - Drums, Timpani & String Arpeggio
This performance consists of a "bombastic" timpani beat with a 4 on the floor kick drum. You also get a beautiful arpeggiated section of pizzacato & chamber strings. Check our Performance Knob Assignment PDF File for a complete listing of the performance knob assignments.
3 Programs (Layered) - Pad
Both Schools starts off as a simple, auto vibrato synth pad with a very soft echo from layer B. The MW mainly adds Layer C to the mix which adds girth and conviction to the tone. It's also increasing the level of layer B just a little. Aftertouch is smoothly opening the filters of layers A & C.
4 Programs (Layered) - Brass
Brass State consists of 4 different brass programs. You can change the entire tone by simply turning the various layers off and trying different combinations of layers. You get control of all the filters, envelope attack and release times and fx. This performance can function as a traditional brass section sound or it can quickly be turned into a smooth brass pad via the mod knobs.
3 Programs (Layered) - Pad & Arpeggio
This is a classic arpeggio/pad mix. Layers A & C are providing the pad while layer B is on arpeggio duties. The arpeggio is stepping through square/pulse wave samples from various legendary synths. Aftertouch provides a more brilliant tone to all 3 layers while the MW adds some smooth vibrato to layers B & C.
2 Programs (Layered) - Synth Sequence Pad
This performance features a pulsing synth sequence layered with a soft string pad that's tuned to a perfect 5th. It works great for big chords, low octaves and high melodies. You can control the synth sequence from the layer A mod knobs as well as the step performance knob. The modwheel adds some 16th note filter LFO pulses while aftertouch produces a slight volume & filter swell.
2 Programs (Layered) - Arpeggio
Delicate Waves is a gentle mix of a rather pointy arpeggiated synth and a smooth, pulsing polyphonic synth. Psuedo random ratchets abound but the sound stays focused. As usual, the master performance knob is on filter duty for both layers. The shape performance knob provides a quick mix between the 2 layers.
3 Programs (Layered) - Bass
This performance is a very dynamic legato synth bass. This sound works great for 8th or 16th note bass sequences as well as deep legato sub bass. Velocity is modulating the filter and several envelope parameters. Aftertouch is opening the filter. The MW is providing vibrato.
2 Programs (Split) - Drum Kit & Hits Kit
This performance consists of 2 layers that are both set up as drum kits. You get nearly 2 octaves of drum kits (left hand) and 5 octaves of various hit samples. (right hand) Finger drumming heaven. The hits layer consists of brass hits, orchestral hits, guitar hits, organ hits etc. 5 octaves worth with each sample spanning 2 notes/keys.
3 Programs (Layered) - Poly Synth
3 layers of dynamic polyphonic synth glory. This performance can be mellow or more agressive depending on the velocity used. It works great for stabs as well as sustained chords. The performance knobs offer complete control to customize the sound to your needs.
4 Programs (Layered & Split) - Drums, Perc, Bass & Lead
Drums, sub bass and a percussion/ep loop are layered on the left. You also get a simple synth lead on the right. 8 tones (samples) are available for the lead sound via the sample performance knob. The step and speed performance knobs offer alternate drum patterns or fills. The modwheel introduces a triplet throb to the bass. Aftertouch adds vibrato to the lead.
4 Programs (Layered & Split) - Drums, Strings
Hybrid States is a mix of synth strings and sampled strings in the mid and upper octaves plus a very simple drum sequence in the lowest octaves. The highest note played also triggers a simple melody. (Layer C) Try turning off layers A and C for a nice string pad.
4 Programs (Layered) - Sound FX
Impax consists of 3 layers of impact hits and 1 layer of sine sub boom. This performance falls into the sound effect category but it works extremely well as gigantic kick or snare hits. You get an extensive selection of samples to choose from for layers A, B and D via the mod knobs. Try the pitch wheel for some extra deep pitch bends. The modwheel adds a chopped up texture that slows down naturally.
3 Programs (Layered) - Pad & Arpeggio
This 3 layer performance is a simple arpeggio/pad combo. Layer A is providing the arpeggio while layers B & C are on pad duties. As always, the layer mod knobs combined with the performance mod knobs offer tonnes of options. Check out our Performance Knob Assignments PDF File for a complete list of the performance knob assignmnets.
3 Programs (Layered) - Pad & Arpeggio
This is a slightly less "classic" arpeggio/pad mix. Powerful lower octaves make this sound great for breaks and basslines. There is a somewhat metallic tone to the pads and the WM not only provides vibrato but also adds new tones to the arpeggio.
4 Programs (Split) - Timpani, French Horns, Strings & Harp
Timpani on the far left, french horns on the lower left, beautiful strings in the middle-right and a dynamic harp on the upper right. This performance was constructed as a quick song writing sketch pad of sorts. You get a choice of 4 strings sounds via the sample performance knob.
3 Programs (Layered) - Pad & Arpeggio
This performance reminds us of some of the old Wavestation offerings. Layer A is doing a simple soft noise sequence while layers B & C are providing synth pads. Layer C slowly changes tone over the course of a bar and then back to it's original tone. This patch is great for low, menacing octaves and chords throughout the key range.
4 Programs (Layered) - Pizz Plucks & Choirs
Dynamic pizzacato plucks and glorious choirs make make up this performance. This performance can get scary close to Enya's "Orinoco Flow" pluck sound with a few twists of the mod knobs. This performance is great for big chord stabs and low octave hits as well as melodies.
3 Programs (Layered) - Arpeggio
Playful Arps uses 3 layers to produce a thick synth arpeggio with a soft but fast attack. It's a mix of vocal formants, choir samples and a various detuned synth samples. The performance knobs offer extensive control over the filters and envelopes. The sample performance knob changes the samples used on all 3 layers at once. The step performance knob turns note advance on/off.
2 Programs (Layered) - Pad & Arpeggio
This is another arpeggio and synth pad mix. The arpeggio starts out with some serious portamento but you can dial it back with the sample performance knob. The demo below starts out with several performance knobs already tweaked and it slowly returns to how the performance sounds when initially loaded.
3 Programs (Layered) - Pad
This performance is a large, smooth pad that works great for big chords and melodies. It also works equally well for chord stabs with a tweak of the gate performance knob.  Check our Performance Knob Assignment PDF File for the complete listing of performance knob assignments.
2 Programs (Layered) - Pad
This performance is a simple synth strings pad. It uses both Oberheim (Layer A) and Moog (Layer B) saw wave samples. Both layers use the multi filter with the band reject filter in slot 1. The modwheel adds some vibrato while aftertouch is increasing the unsion detune amount for both layers.
3 Programs (Layered) - Pad/Strings/Movement
This 3 layer performance uses some white noise, (layer B) a single multisample synth pad (layer C) and finally a very active wave sequence pad using some heavily detuned synth samples. (layer A) The step performance knob shifts the samples being used for layer A and gets rid of the heavily detuned samples.
2 Programs (Layered) - Pad
This performance is a slowly moving, massive pad that morphs (wave sequences) it's way between several different tones. You can control the sequence speed with the speed performance knob to match whatever your production needs. Slow Lands has a very wide stereo image and a darkly beautiful character.
4 Programs (Layered) - Lead
This performance is an extremely smooth legato lead with a soft-ish attack and a silky body. The sample performance knob introduces layer D which is tuned to a perfect 5th for some nice interval action.
4 Programs (Layered) - Strings
This performance is a large string section that crossfades from a smooth legato string tone to a tremolo articulation and then back again. The sample performance knob introduces a higher octave from layer D.
4 Programs (Layered & Split) - Strings & Oboe
3 string sections with a simple sequenced melody on the left. Solo Oboe on the right. Use octaves and perfect 4ths and 5ths with the strings. Full chords will clash when the pitch sequence kicks in. The joystick is controlling the panorama of both the strings (<>) and the oboe. (^)
4 Programs (Layered) - Nylon Guitar & Synth Space
Nylon Nebula starts with a beautiful velocity sensitive nylon guitar and then adds 3 layers of "nebula." Aftertouch adds a slight bend to the guitar. Layers B and D only sound on the note release.
3 Programs (Layered) - Synth Strings
This is a very thick synth string sound that works great for big sustained chords or 8th and 16th note staccato chord progressions. It's also completely menacing in the lower octaves. Subtle velocity dynamics and a fat tone make this performance extremely satisfying to play.
4 Programs (Split) - Drums, Timpani, Acid Bass & Synth Arpeggio
Another 4 way split that offers a drum beat and big timpani percussion in the lower octaves. A synth bassline in the middle and a velocity sensitive synth arpeggio up top on the right. The highest velocities trigger a different sample with a brighter tone and longer release.
3 Programs (Layered & Split) - Drums, Synth Bass & Synth
Drums and bass on the left hand and a rhythmically pulsing polyphonic synth sequence on the right. The joystick introduces the wave shaper on layer B (Synth Bass Seq) and this combined with the layer B mod knobs can result in "lost time". Sadly, the demo below doesn't even demonstrate the joystick modulation. Be careful. This performance ended up with 92 mod matrix routings.
4 Programs (Split) - Drum Kit & Organ
Boomin Kick drum, trippy snare and some hats on the left hand. Big smooth rotary organ on the right. Modwheel switches between fast and slow rotary samples. The kick can be played as a simple kick drum or it can be used for massive melodic bass lines in the lowest octaves. Aftertouch is adding some extra movement to layer D (organ).
2 Programs (Layered) - Arpeggio
Classic tones and triplet arpeggios. Layer A is set to 8th note triplets and layer B is set to 16th note triplets. Both layers use the multi filter and layer A has the band reject filter in both slots. This is not an error. (We know it doesn't make sense and provides virtually no change when the control parameter is swept) However, the sound of the performance suffered when we tried any of the other filters.
4 Programs (Layered) - Pad
This performance started as a simple synth/choir layer. Then the doo-wop thing happened and we hated it at first. Then it started to grow on us. The choir pad was doubled and then tripled and transposed to 3 different octaves. Use the gate performance knob to control the mix between the choirs and the doo-wop synth.
2 Programs (Layered) - Pad
This performance is a resonant synth choir pad. Layer A is making use of some non vocal samples and layer B is using more traditional choir samples. The step performance knob "steps" through 8 different sample selections for both layers. The modwheel is adding some subtle vibrato while aftertouch is gently opening the filters.
4 Programs (Layered & Split) - Drums, Noise Lp & Poly Synth
Wave Industries has a mix of drums and a metal crash/noise loop on the left. You also get a very dynamic polyphonic synth on the right. The drums and noise loop are sequenced while the poly synth is just sitting there waiting to be played. You can treat the synth (Layer D) as a melodic percussion instrument or use the shape and timing performance knobs to turn it into a slower synth pad.
4 Programs (Layered & Split) - Atmospherics & Synth Lead
Waves of Dreams consists of an ambient pad and a smooth legato synth lead. The ambient pad works best for accents as opposed to full on chords...single notes and octaves work best. The lead crossfades into an electric piano chord after about a second of sustained play. So experiment with this one to get the feel of the timing. There are 4 different lead sounds on offer via the sample performance knob. They all crossfade into the same ep chord. You can turn the ep crossfading action off with the step performance knob and use it as a simple synth lead.
4 Programs (Layered & Split) - Drums, Bass, Flute & Noise Loop
Drums and low synths on the left, synth-ish melodic flute sequence in the middle and a synth noise loop on the far right. This legato flute sequence needs to be experienced and experimented with as we've literally stumbled onto some very cool melodies with different combinations of legato, staccato playing.


We're still working on a few of the demos for the complimentary performances below. We hope to have it all wrapped up in a few days. At the moment, these performances are only available with the purchase of Volume I.

4 Programs (Layered & Split) - Bass, Synth Arpeggio

3 Programs (Layered) - Choir Pad

4 Programs (Layered & Split) - Bass, Synth Counter, Poly Synth

3 Programs (Layered) - Lead

2 Programs (Layered) - Lead

2 Programs (Layered) - Lead

4 Programs (Layered & Split) - Drums, Bass, Synth

4 Programs (Split) - Drums, Bass, Guitar, Synth

9. Station Tribute
3 Programs (Layered) - Pad

4 Programs (Layered & Split) - Drums, Bass, Synth Stings

3 Programs (Layered & Split) - Mono Legato Drone/Lead, Howler