Robust American Patches on YouTube

These 4 YouTube Playlists contain demonstrations for practically every patch we've made here at Robust American Patches. (No Talking) The OB-6 starts things off with 5 videos covering 98 Patches. Be sure to check out the 5th video, "Pure Mutate" as it is a demo song with lots of info as text about the patches and the mix.





This is the Prophet Rev2 Playlist and it contains all the demonstrations for Volume I Plus, another little demo song, "Just Revvin' Up" which utilizes 10 of the 15 Free Patches we have available for the Rev2.





This is the Korg Prologue Playlist and it demonstrates Volumes I and II Nearly 130 Patches are represented in these 4 videos. You get a little of everything in these videos. Strings, Leads, Pads and Basses...They're all here.





This playlist is an extensive demonstration of our EDM DROP 1 Bank for the Korg Prologue. This bank utilizes the Multi-Engine heavily for some amazing Drum and Percussion Patches as well as a slew of Plucks, Basses and Leads.