ZEBRA NUM NUM | 100 Patches for Zebra 2

ZEBRA NUM NUM | 100 Patches for Zebra 2

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We are immensely proud to offer this bank of 100 wholesome synthesizer patches for U-He's legendary Zebra 2 Virtual Modular Synthesizer. This bank of patches has been in the works for quite a while and every minute of it has been inspiring and musically rewarding to say the least. This product contains 128 patches organized into the following 3 folders:

"ZEBRA NUM NUM" - 100 Patches
"FREE NUM NUM" - 20 Patches
"EXTRA NUM NUM" - 8 Patches


Check out some of our favorite patches from this collection. The complete demonstrations can be found at the bottom of this page or you can head over to our Clickable Patch List Page for cued up YouTube Demos!


"Zenith the Zebra" - (Pad/Choir)

"Electric Ethnic" - (Lead)

"The Hyped" - (Drums & Percussion)

"Blueprints" - (Split | Bass & Strings)

"Embuzzlement" - (Arp)

"Zebra Dust" - (Arp)

"Boom Legato" - (Bass)

"Woodwind Trifles" - (Arp)

"Snortin Zebra" - (Lead)

"Majnor 7th" - (Chord/Lead)

"Hidden Liebchen" - (Lead)

"Big Humana Section" - (Pad)

"Infinite Horizons" - (Pad)

"Notches in the Ice" - (Pad)

"Zebra Oregun" - (Keys)

"Crunchy Wurli" - (Keys)


Many of the patches in ZEBRA NUM NUM use simple sine, saw, square and triangle wave shapes as their foundations. We did use the waveset functionality on occasion but for the most part these patches were designed with a traditional analogue, subtractive synthesis approach. The sonic playground that is Zebra provides ample opportunity for tone and texture manipulation in so many places that we just chose to start with the basics in many cases. Plus, we think the raw oscillators sound great as far as digital oscillators go. OK, confession time...We like notch filters a lot! Especially in combination with other types of filters. Many of the patches in this bank make use of multiple filters plus a notch or two, sometimes as EQ cuts and sometimes for a more pronounced effect. Our XY pad assignments are labeled, and for the most part, they are organized like so...

XY - 1
(XY-1 usually controls the filters)

XY - 2
(XY-2 is more varied from patch to patch in destinations but usually it's controlling envelopes, spectrafx and or osc phase/sync)

XY - 3
(XY-3 is most often in charge of the FX...Offering completely dry and completely wet settings in the majority of the patches)

XY - 4
(XY-4 is usually left unassigned but not always.  We thought it would be nice to leave 1 pad open for anything you think we've missed)


Our chord patches tend to use the mod wheel to smoothly pitch shift a few notes of the chord. This not only provides 2 chords instead of 1, it also makes for some expressive mod wheel fun. Most of the bass patches have an EQ setup which is controlled from an XY pad. This produces a gentle scoop on the low & hi mids while also offering a low shelf boost/cut. Try the mod wheel and aftertouch for vibrato, filter mod and oscillator modulations of all kinds. Velocity is almost always at play as well...Everything from envelope response and filter mod to oscillator detune and oscillator sync. These patches are extremely dynamic and playable!



Descriptions and Usage Info: Brief descriptions as well as controller info for the mod wheel, aftertouch and sometimes velocity.

XY Pad Assignments: Every patch has multiple and extensive XY pad assignments that take these sounds into completely new sonic frontiers with the flick of your mouse or your preferred controller. (We've labeled every single pad so you know what's what at a glance) We're using the Prophet Rev 2 as our controller and having the XY pads so easily accessible has changed our lives forever.

Mod Wheel, Aftertouch and Velocity Assignments: Deep and thoughtful mod wheel and aftertouch assignments that make these sounds extremely expressive and fun to play. We also make heavy use of velocity to control volume, filters and envelope times etc...

Tags: Each and every patch has been thoroughly tagged to make searches fast and easy.


ZEBRA NUM NUM is organized into the following folders and subfolders:

"ZEBRA NUM NUM" - 100 Patches
"Key" (23 Polyphonic Synths & Acoustic Instruments)
"Lead" (27 Expressive Synth & Acoustic Leads)
"Pad" (17 Pads: From Soaring Choirs to Animated Combos)
"Arp" (13 Arpeggios: Basses, Leads, Drums, Guitars, Chords, Bells)
"Drum" (12 Patches: 4 Drum Kits, Various Dynamic Percussion & Drum HIts)
"Bass" (8 Dynamic Synth Basses plus 4 more in the "Key" category)
"FREE NUM NUM" - 20 Free Patches
"EXTRA NUM NUM" - 8 Extra Patches


Nearly every patch is this bank makes heavy use of Mod Wheel, Aftertouch and Velocity assignments. These 3 controllers play a huge role in the tone and modulations of these patches so be sure to experiment with them. Sometimes the results are subtle and sometimes the sound may change completely. Several of the patches are actually multiple sounds in one preset. There are 2 "splits" with unique sounds for both hands as well as 2 "multi-zone" patches that contain 4 different sounds spread across the octaves. 4 drum kits are also included and these usually contain a kick, snare and hi-hats.


Don't have time for over an hour of video demonstrations? Got it! Hear only the sounds you want to hear with our "clickable" patch list/demo page. Simply click the patch names for cued up YouTube demos.

It should be noted that while every single patch in this bank has multiple and extensive XY pad assignments, none of these demonstrations make use of the XY pads at all. With the staggering amount of possibilities available when using the XY pads these demos would have been at least 5 times longer. These demonstrations do make heavy use of the wheels, aftertouch and velocity. No other parameter automation was used and as always, no talking.