Free Num Num | 28 Free Patches for Zebra 2

Free Num Num | 28 Free Patches for Zebra 2

Robust American Patches
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All 28 patches come complete with brief descriptions and controller info covering the modwheel, aftertouch and sometimes velocity assignments. Each and every patch has multiple and extensive XY pad assignments for unlimited sonic mayhem. Every patch has been tagged to make searches fast and easy. Thanks for visiting!




A Stop Gap - Lush synth string pad with a second pulsing layer. Use aftertouch to bring the pulsing more to the front. The MW opens the filters for a brighter tone.

MW > Filters

AT > Vibrato, Filters, Detune


The Digital 80s - This patch is a tight, dynamic bass sound with a clav like tone that cuts through any mix. Great for legato and staccato lines.

MW > Detune, Width, Envelopes, FX

AT > Vibrato, Filters


Bum Steer - Suddenly, you're not in Kansas anymore. Noisy 3 tone musical sound effect. Aftertouch brings in an eerie, slowly falling synth tone that can be played via AT.

MW > LFO Rates

AT > 3rd layer Volume


Zechanical - Dynamic electric piano with a vintage tone that sounds like a mellow mix of an electric piano and an organ. 

MW > Swirl, FX



Tite & Polite Kit - 2 Piece kit. Acoustic kick drum. (C0-C2) Acoustic Snare drum (C#2->) The MW closes down the filter, aftertouch is not assigned.

MW > Filter, Envelopes

Buzz Notch - Simple lead or buzzy bass using the retrigger mode. AT increases the echo and mod fx levels. 

MW > Vibrato



Zynth Brass - This is a dynamic synth brass section that's great for chord stabs and octaves. Sustained parts will fade and swell back up.  

MW > Filter, FX

AT > Vibrato


Silk Sun - Smooth synth pad with lots of movement and a gentle, delayed filter sweep. The MW raises the pitch of a layer by 7 semitones. 

MW > Osc 2 Pitch (7 Semitones)

AT > Vibrato, Filter


Eight Elevans - Dynamic polyphonic synth pluck that's great for chord stabs, sustained chords and melodies. 

MW > Vibrato, Detune, Portamento

AT > Filter, Detune


Fair One - This patch is a hard sounding choir section that works great for chord stabs and lead melodies. The lower octaves are thin while the upper octaves get pretty close to the classic Fairlight CMI tone. MW adds echoes.

MW > FX, Vibrato

AT > Filter


FM Club Kik - Synth kick drum patch with plenty of oomph and click. The pure sine wave from FMO 1 is used as the foundation.

VEL > Volume

Poly Burst - Tight, buzzy polyphonic synth that's great for big chords stabs and sustained parts. 

MW > Vibrato

AT > Filter


Funkin Future Bs - Resonant dynamic legato synth bass that starts on the darker side. The MW and velocity open the filter a bit.

MW > Filter

AT > Vibrato, Filter


Forgotten Ruins - Big, slow pad that sounds like a mix of strings and a mellow organ tone.

MW > Filter

AT > Vibrato, Vibrato Rate


See Saw Seven - Mellow 70's legato synth lead with a perfect 5th via aftertouch.

MW > Vibrato

AT > Filter, Perfect 5th Volume


Barren Landscapes - Pristine synth bell interval (perfect 5th) with soft, white noise wind.

MW > Filter, Flutter, Noise

AT > Filter


Synthetic Strings - Tight synth pad/strings which makes use of our favorite filter type. The Glorious Notch Filter!!!

MW > Filter

AT > Vibrato


Tite Hat - This patch is a tight electronic hi hat sound. Both the MW and aftertouch produce an open hat sound.

MW > Release, Sustain

AT > Sustain


VintageVox Organ - This is a groovy organ sound that falls on the thin side.  This patch is a variation on "VintageVox" from our bank, Zebra Num Num.

MW > FX, Filter, Detune

AT > Vibrato, Filter, Osc FX


Zebratraume - Very dynamic synth strings that do a pretty good "Sweet Dreams" bassline. Velocity is modulating quite a few things here.

MW > Vibrato, Detune

AT > Volume, Filter