135 Patches for the Korg Prologue Synthesizer (V2) - Volumes I & II

135 Patches for the Korg Prologue Synthesizer (V2) - Volumes I & II

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This is Volumes I and II (V2) for the Korg Prologue Synthesizer. (Ramble warning here as we have quite a few things to cover) This bank contains 130 patches lovingly hand crafted from scratch and newly overhauled for the Version 2 update. These custom synth patches utilize the strengths of the Prologue architecture to create stunning hybrid tones oozing with that beautiful Korg VCO character.
So what exactly did we update? First of all, we went back and fixed a few things that bugged us about the (V1) release. Then we added all new aftertouch assignments to practically every patch in this bank. (Patch 065 "Clap C3-C4 2" was left with the default assignment as there is no sustain to the sound) We might have went a little crazy here but we think you will be pleasantly surprised when playing the Prologue from a distance with these patches. While we were at it, we also assigned the expression pedal to the main volume parameter for each and every patch. We use the Moog EP-3 expression pedal here at Robust HQ. (You will probably need to adjust your external level range knob for perfect control) Every patch in this bank has been updated and we completely reworked 12 of the patches. Your Prologue should be running the latest O.S. (Version 2) released in September of 2019 for proper operation of these patches. Here's a breakdown, sorted by category, of the patches included in Volumes I and II:
38 Poly Synth
29 Lead
23 Pad/Strings
12 Sound FX
  9 Key/Bell
  7 Arp
  5 Bass
  4 Chord
  3 Combination


You get 2 versions of the bank file which can be loaded into the free Prologue Librarian with one click. (The only difference is the sorting of the patches in the librarian, we suggest using the file that has "(by category)" at the end of the name. This file has the patches sorted as one large bank instead of 2 separate volumes) You also get the individual patch files making it possible to audition and load sounds without loading the whole bank. We've also included 5 extra patches because they just happened while we were working on the update. So that makes a grand total of 135 patches. Finally, you get a brand new Patch List (pdf) file that puts the Version 1 patch list to shame. It includes the patch names, patch descriptions, voice mode used, and lots of helpful info on what the controllers are doing. (Velocity, Modwheel and Aftertouch are explained for each patch) You also get a copy of the Version 1 release for this bank. When we were testing the new sounds here at Robust HQ, more than once the Version 1 patch won the day...Aftertouch be damned! So you get both versions as there are considerable differences between the two.


 Volumes I & II (V2) Demonstrations:


This last video was created by gjc82071 back on Jun 16, 2020. We have no affiliation with this YouTube content creator but we appreciate the time and effort and especially the playing skills used to show off our patches for the Korg Prologue. Sincere thanks to gjc82071!!!!!!!!