Robust Claps (Nano Sample Pack 1)

Robust Claps (Nano Sample Pack 1)

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These samples are 24Bit/44Khz wave files. They were recorded with an AKG C-414 B-XL II into Nuendo through the Audient ASP-880. Multiple single claps were recorded and then stacked to produce these samples. There is a fair amount of reverb on these samples. Most likely the UAD Ocean Way Studios or the EMT-250. It's been awhile but I could probably find the original sessions and figure it all out. In any case, it sounds natural and can be controlled with your sampler's amp envelopes. We produced these quite a while ago and have used them in quite a few songs that have never seen the light of day....Yet. 

You get 8 unique samples and a basic Groove Agent 4SE preset file. These samples can be loaded into practically any sampler out there and mangled to your hearts content. We posted these on a certain forum that has a "share your samples" section but back then our host bit the dust after only a few weeks.

This is our first offering in the Nano Sample Pack Series. These sample packs are designed to fill a specific need in your sample locker. Nothing but the money shots are included.

If you have trouble with the Groove Agent preset not finding the samples please check this page out at Steinberg's Help Section.

You can hear one of these claps in action at the :24 second mark in the video below. I used the same sample for every hit to keep things simple as I was under the gun.