15 Free Patches for the Prophet Rev2 Synthesizer

15 Free Patches for the Prophet Rev2 Synthesizer

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We've updated some of the patches in this collection and added 25 brand new custom patches to celebrate the release of Volume III and Volume IV. Follow this link to check out and download these sounds!

These patches are delivered as individual sysex files. There is no Bank file associated with these patches. You might notice that Patch U1 P77 isn't included in the list. U1 P77 simply didn't make the cut. Some of these patches will be included in the upcoming Volume II for the Rev2. They will probably change a bit in their final forms but the basic tones are there already.

Here's what you get...

U1 P65 - Clavasaurous - Funky Clav for some late night wahwah action.

U1 P66 - Resin Bells - Resonant bells with a unique tone and envelope attack.

U1 P67 - Sickly Sweet - Thick strings with aftertouch volume swells.

U1 P68 - Auto Vibrato -  A simple, almost flute like mono lead.

U1 P69 - Prophet Drive - Distorted guitar riffs anyone? MW for harmonics.

U1 P70 - Punching Pads - A very punchy comp. This can't be overstated.

U1 P71 - Glass Pad - A soft, kind of dark pad.

U1 P72 - Analogue Kick 1 - G1 and C2 are my favorite pitches for solid kicks.

U1 P73 - Do Change - The opening synth sound from "Don't Change" by INXS.

U1 P74 - Exoplanet Winds - Alien Planet with an atmosphere and violent AT Dives.

U1 P75 - Analogue Snares - Nice, polite synth snare.

U1 P76 - Nylon Electric - Part nylon, part electric. Slightly fuzzy.

U1 P78 - Juno Strings -  Smooth strings. Sound great layered with Sickly Sweet.

U1 P79 - Shotgun Tag - Steampunk shotgun sound fx.

U1 P80 - Resonance Group - A moving, beautifully dark resonant pad.


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