Volume III for the Sub/Subsequent 37

Volume III for the Sub/Subsequent 37

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This is Volume III for the Moog Sub/Subsequent 37! This brand new bank of custom synth presets is focused on beat and synth sequences, synth lead and synth bass. Many of the lead patches also sound great for bass lines. It also includes some excellent synth percussion and sound fx. You get 64 custom presets in Volume III and as usual, we've added quite a few extras just because...

Presets sorted by category:

Arpeggios: 10
Bass: 10
Brass: 01
Classic: 07
Drone: 01
Duo: 04
Lead: 51
Percussion: 12
Sequences: 44
Sound FX: 10

Total: 150 Presets

Check out the Volume III Patch List Page for some cued up demos and more details about the sounds. We've also started working on a Sub 37 Tips Page that will grow into maturity very soon.  

What's included in the download?
1. Volume III Bank File. (Contains 150 Presets)
2. Volume III Individual Preset Files. (64 Presets)
3. Volume III Extras Individual Preset Files. (86 Presets)


Volume III Preset Demonstrations

Patch Demonstration Singles

Patch Demonstration Song, "Harm's Way" With Isolated Tracks Starting at 1:06

Patch Demonstrations for the "Extras"