35 Patches for the Korg Prologue Synthesizer (EDM DROP 1)

35 Patches for the Korg Prologue Synthesizer (EDM DROP 1)

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This product contains 35 Patches. Yes, 35 patches but this is deceiving. Take a look below, you will actually be getting 48 sounds in total. These patches feature the digital oscillators that come with the stock Prologue but they also use the VCOs heavily. What's more...Many of these patches include expression pedal assignments pointed at the LFO rate. I find it hard to control with the pedal unless I dial back the range a little on my trusty Moog Ep-3. Here's a breakdown of the patches included in EDM DROP 1:

10 Kick Drums (including the basses that double as kicks)
10 Bass Sounds (not counting the leads that double as basses)
  7 Snare Drums
  7 Lead Sounds (not counting the basses that double as leads)
  5 Hats and Percussion
  5 Poly Synths
  2 Arps
  2 Sound FX


What's included? You get the Bank file that contains all 35 patches which can be loaded into the free Prologue Librarian with one click. You also get the individual patch files making it possible to audition and load sounds without loading the whole bank. Finally, you get the Patch List (pdf) file that includes patch descriptions, categories, and a bit of helpful info.

EDM DROP 1 for the Korg Prologue Demonstrations